5 pro tips – fresh body & mind

Think Like a Pro

World Champion, Sarah Storey, shares with us her insights in maintaining a fresh body and mind.


1. Take one day at a time.

Looking too far ahead can be daunting and can cause a lack of preparation for the immediate stage.

2. Fuel your body

Based on what you have left to ride, rather than refuelling. A little and often is a well used and effective strategy.

3. Drink before you are thirsty.

If you don’t drink enough early in the day you’ll be too dehydrated and will struggle to hydrate after the stage too.

4. Don’t dwell on mistakes.

Just own them and commit to the next day being a chance to put it right. Whether it’s under fuelling or not pacing the ride well, you can’t go back and change it so make the change for the next stage.

5. Relax and enjoy!

It’s going to be hard but that’s part of the fun!

Sarah Storey

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