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Welcome to the heart of our cycling community where the best version of you is your destination and Team Volta is your guide. We’ve curated a team of professionals and coaches ready to elevate your cycling journey.

At Volta Pro Tours, we’re all about taking your performance up a notch and helping you achieve the best version of you.

Strap in, and let’s ride towards your cycling dreams!


What’s Inside:


Free Training Plans:

Access professionally crafted training plans designed to help you reach your cycling goals, tailored for different skill levels.

Winter Live Workouts:

Stay motivated and ride strong through the winter months with specialised schedules to keep you on track.

Insights from Pros:

Gain insights and wisdom from seasoned professionals who have conquered the road, sharing their expertise to elevate your cycling experience.

Exclusive Coupons:

Enjoy exclusive discounts on our event specific training programmes and our unique Collection Edition cycling kit, ensuring you’re geared up for peak performance.

Priority Event Access:

As a club member, you will receive early access and priority entry to our exciting cycling events, ensuring you never miss out on the adventure.

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