The 1000k Coast to Coast cycling journey, a remarkable endurance event that stretches across the Iberian Peninsula from Santander, Spain to Faro, Portugal.

Over eight days and more than 1000 kilometres, this event tests both your mental and physical stamina, offering an unforgettable experience for avid cyclists.

Your adventure starts amid the majestic Cantabrian Mountains, with the breathtaking Picos de Europa as your backdrop. The route crosses the vast Spanish plains of Castile & Leon, situated at an altitude of 600 to 800 meters, presenting the challenge of unpredictable weather. Cyclists may face the cold mountain air or the intense heat of sun-scorched plains, adding a layer of difficulty to this endurance event.

Enjoy the privilege of staying in historical and luxurious accommodations along the route, such as the Monastery of San Zoilo and the Renaissance Palace of Zamora. Unwind in Europe’s award-winning small luxury spa hotel, adding a touch of indulgence to your adventure.

As you traverse the Iberian Peninsula, immerse yourself in the rich cultural mosaic of the regions you visit. From savouring traditional dishes in local taverns to exploring ancient historical sites, the 1000k+ Coast to Coast offers a unique chance to experience the diverse heritage and customs of Spain and Portugal. This blend of comfort and cultural exploration elevates the journey beyond a mere physical challenge.

Discover the mesmerising mountain ranges of Extremadura and the enchanting Alentejo region of Portugal, finishing your expedition beside the Atlantic Ocean in Faro.

Throughout this adventure, the Team Volta Support Crew provides unmatched support, nutrition, and hydration. Embrace the diversity of landscapes with comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience from beginning to end.

The 1000k+ Coast to Coast transcends a mere cycling event; it’s a voyage of discovery through some of the most picturesque, peaceful, and culturally rich regions of the Iberian Peninsula.

Join us on this epic adventure and tackle a cycling challenge that will test your endurance and leave you with lifelong memories.

“This is the best multi-day event I’ve been on. The scenery of the more remote and unpopulated regions of Spain and Portugal was stunning. The organisation, the support, the accommodations, and the food were all outstanding.”