600k Trans Iberian

Santander to Chaves


Start Point

(Bilbao Airport)

Finish Point

(Porto Airport)

Support Team

Fully Supported + Feed Stations


5 Fully Guided

Longest Stage

Stage 2: 135km

Biggest Climb Stage

Stage 2: 2,400m+

Average Pace

14-19mph | 22-30kph

Peloton Size: 20

The 600k Trans Iberian, an exhilarating journey travelling through the heart of Northern Spain and into the wild landscapes of Portugal.

This unique cycling challenge is not just a multi-day cycling holiday but a celebration of culture, history, and breathtaking beauty of the Iberian Peninsula.

Your adventure commences with a transfer from Bilbao Airport, bringing you to the foothills of the Cantabrian mountains. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a prologue ride before savouring this region’s gastronomical delights over dinner.

The following days are filled with awe-inspiring rides through diverse landscapes, each stage offering its unique challenges and rewards. From the stunning countryside of Cantabria, with its spectacular vistas and the gentle sound of cowbells, to the historic city of Zamora, where you will be staying in a Parador steeped in cycling history from La Vuelta.

On each stage, our qualified and experienced ride leaders will guide you through rugged mountaintops to serene plains draped in nodding sunflowers, with our support vehicles always at your service.

Team Volta’s professional support team ensure you are well stocked with energy bars and sports hydration as you immerse yourself in the charm and beauty of these captivating regions. Plus, our feed stations will help you recharge and refuel for the journey ahead.

Witness the transformation of the landscape as you pedal from Spain into Portugal, experiencing the cultural shift and scenic beauty of the Portuguese countryside. Your journey through rustic villages and rolling landscapes culminates in the historic town of Chaves, marking the end of this remarkable point-to-point cycling challenge.

What’s Included:

From airport transfers, support vehicles and feed stations to all accommodation and meals, we have you covered…

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Where Support Team Excellence Transforms Your Cycling Adventure

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Stage Breakdown



Begin your adventure with a transfer from Bilbao Airport to our start line nestled in the breathtaking Cantabrian Mountains. Post-transfer, you’ll have ample time to assemble your bike and partake in a warm-up ride amidst this picturesque setting.

As dusk falls, our team welcomes you with a comprehensive introduction and safety walkthrough, setting the stage for the days ahead. Culminate your evening with a convivial dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.



135kms | 2,400m
83miles | 7900ft

The inaugural leg of this extraordinary adventure winds through the picturesque Cantabrian countryside.

Pedal to the comforting melodies of cowbells, crafting a serene soundtrack for our journey. Amidst this tranquil backdrop, distant views of the Picos de Europa merge enchantment with exertion. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm and genuine challenge of this stage as you embrace the beauty of the surroundings.

This stage guarantees an unforgettable start to your cycling odyssey, setting the mood for the thrilling journey ahead.

Experience the fusion of natural splendour and exhilarating challenge as we pedal through Northern Spain’s scenic wonders.



120kms | 900m
75miles | 3000ft

Continuing our unforgettable journey through Cantabria, we delve deeper into the awe-inspiring landscape surrounding the Picos de Europa.

Prepare for an exhilarating climb, ascending to an elevation of 1,400 meters, followed by a graceful descent onto Castile and Leon’s expansive high plateau. Brace yourself for the challenges ahead as you navigate through stunning vistas and winding roads, each bend offering a new perspective of the breathtaking scenery.

Experience the thrill of conquering each stage of this remarkable cycling adventure, forging unforgettable memories amidst the natural wonders of Northern Spain.



145kms | 380m
90miles | 1200ft

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as you traverse the expansive region of Castile and Leon, gliding along fast, straight, and flat roads leading to Zamora.

The vast plateau unfolds below, adorned with fields of sunflowers and towering maize, their graceful sway in the warm breeze forming a mesmerizing tapestry of colours and textures stretching to the distant horizon.

Arriving in Zamora, you will rest in a Parador steeped in cycling history, having hosted legendary riders from La Vuelta. Now, it welcomes our group of cycling enthusiasts.

Our day’s adventure culminates in Zamora’s historic heart.


STAGE 4: Zamora to Braganca

120kms | 1,800m
75miles | 5900ft

After a restful night in the beautiful Parador of Zamora, your cycling journey continues through Castile y Leon’s expansive, seldom-explored region.

Traverse rustic villages, immersing in authentic charm untouched by mainstream tourism. Near Portugal’s border, witness seamless landscape shifts to rugged Portuguese countryside.

Each mile brings cultural nuances, leading to enchanting Braganca. This journey is not just crossing borders; it is a passage through history laden landscapes. Embrace Spanish plains’ solitude, anticipate Portugal’s embrace, and conclude in Braganca—a town echoing centuries of tales.

This stage promises cultural and scenic immersion, a highlight of your cycling odyssey.


STAGE 5: Braganca to Chaves

96kms | 1,500m
60miles | 4900ft

The ultimate leg of your 600km Trans Iberian adventure travelling towards the destination of Chaves.

Leaving Braganca’s ancient charm behind, your journey unfolds through the rolling landscapes of northern Portugal’s Natural Park of Montesinho. Pedal through quaint villages, each with its own timeless story, winding towards historic Chaves.

The route offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, unveiling hidden gems at every turn. Crossing the finish line, the medieval charm of Chaves welcomes you, marking the start of another incredible adventure – the N2 Challenge.

This stage fittingly concludes the grand adventure, celebrating the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of the Trans Iberian journey.




As your adventure concludes, we’ll ensure a smooth transfer to Porto Airport, with an estimated journey time of 90mins, aiming for an arrival at approximately 12pm. To accommodate any unexpected delays and provide peace of mind, we suggest scheduling your flight for the late afternoon or early evening.

Alternatively, consider extending your stay to explore the vibrant city of Porto over a few days before your journey home.

While we’ll be sad to bid you farewell, we are hopeful for the chance to share more incredible rides with you on future tours.



Barry Wootten

"Excellent and well supported trip. All I had to think about was pedalling."


Matthew Hrachovec

"A fantastic, well organised event. Executed to allow everyone to enjoy the ride..."

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Scott Hall

"Volta Pro Tours provided an experience beyond which I had imagined. Extremely supportive, professional and friendly staff..."


Daniel Pullen

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1000k COAST to COAST

Karen Carter

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Jorge Gertrudes

"Volta Pro Tours in my opinion provide an incredible cycling experience. The atmosphere of the event was amazing..."


Astrid Sasse

"A fantastic cycling holiday with gradual climbs and sweeping descents..."


Susan Croswell

"I just finished the September N2 Challenge. I have been on many cycling trips over the last 8-10 years..."


James McCarthy

"The N2 Challenge is a must for any keen cyclist. You must be prepared for endurance, climbs and day after day 100mile stages. An experience of a lifetime..."


Stephen Severs

"Fantastic way to see and cycle through all of Portugal on an iconic road route via superb hotels"