N2 Challenge Routine


A typical day on the N2 Challenge

08:00 Buffet Breakfast

Each selected hotel provides a varied and complete breakfast menu to enjoy whilst the support crew prepare your water bottles and other consumables.

09:00 Stage Briefing

You will be given an itinerary card which conveniently fits into your back pocket.

The card provides information and locations of feed stations, major climbs and emergency contact numbers.

Your .gpx maps will have been sent to you several weeks prior to your arrival. Load up your stage map and you’ll be ready to depart after the briefing.

09:30 Departure

We tend to ride as a group for the first 50/60kms to FS1. The Road Captain will maintain an average pace so as not to stress your legs first thing in the morning.

Those who prefer to ride a quicker pace are welcome to ride off the front.

Whilst you are enjoying the ride with your friends, the Support Crew will transfer your luggage and bike box to the next hotel and prepare the Feed Stations.

If you run into difficulty during the day the Broom Wagon will provide assistance or, if you have a major mechanical, the Support Crew will recover you to the next hotel.

We carry a comprehensive set of tools and emergency spares which should fix most problems. However, you should bring some spare tubes, a spare tyre, chain and mech hanger just in case.

Average Pace

We never ask participants to ride slower or faster. You are free to ride at whatever pace you like, by yourself or with a group.
However, we do have start times, cut off times and up to 9 hours for the longer stages.

There are many factors that affect the average pace of a group or individual.

But as a guide, some groups will average 21kph (13mph) whilst others will average 29kph (18mph) depending on the stage.

12:00 Feed Station 1 – FS1

The Support Crew will refill your bidons, supply you with more energy bars, fruit and snacks.

After FS1 the group tends to fracture into smaller groups defined by the pace each group prefers. However, the Road Captain will always maintain an average paced group for those who want to ride in an organised peloton.

You’re welcome to form into quicker or slower groups depending on how you want to ride the next 50/60kms to FS2.

15:00 Feed Station 2 – FS2

The Support Crew will have another nourishing Feed Station – each day is a different menu.

They will also refill your bidons and supply you with more energy bars to sustain you through the last part of the Stage.

After FS2 the Road Captain tends to accompany and support those riders towards the back and provide encouragement up the last few climbs of the day!

Cut off times are very generous but if you need a helping hand, the Support Crew will take you to the hotel where you can recover, ready for the next day.

17:30 Arrival Stage End Hotel

You will have been checked in and your suitcase delivered to your room.

The Support Crew will have prepared a Protein Shake for you which is iced on hotter days.

You will be handed your Tote Bag in which you would have placed your footwear. In your Tote Bag you will find your Room Key, Stage Card and Energy Bars for the following day.

You will also be supplied a laundry bag in which to place your cycling kit every other day. Your kit will be returned the following morning.

20:00 Dinner

Each evening varied and regional dishes are prepared for you to enjoy. The 3 to 4 courses are created using locally sourced produce and, of course, wine from the region.