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“A fantastic, well organised event. Executed to allow everyone to enjoy the ride and not have to think about anything else. Chapeau ”

Matthew Hrachovec | N2 Challenge 2023

“I have never done anything this challenging in my life and it likely would not have been possible without the amazing crew from Volta.”

David Hansell | N2 Challenge 2023

“When you take on a challenge with 26 other riders from all corners of the earth, you might be confident in your own abilities but worried that you will be of an ability to match others. The whole Volta experience allows you to easily find like-minded abilities each day on groups. Truly an amazing team and ‘a bit of me’ – smiffy”

John Smith | N2 Challenge 2023

“Volta Tours offer a premium service with excellent support for serious riders. Their rides are excellent value and the supply crew are outstanding. Highly recommended!”

Simon King | 1000k Coast to Coast 2023

 “Nothing short of brilliant. Do the preparation and accept the N2 challenge.”

Simon Frost | N2 Challenge 2023

“Volta Tours in my opinion provide an incredible cycling experience. The atmosphere of the event was amazing and the created this “bubble” feeling where you forget about real life for a whole week. All the thinking and planning is done for you, leaving you just to focus on cycling and chewing! (And there is lots of the latter!). Look forward the next adventure already.”

Jorge Gertrudes | N2 Challenge 2023

“Volta Pro Tours provided an experience beyond which I had imagined. Extremely supportive, professional and friendly staff. The cycling experience in Spain and Portugal was spectacular. Loved the remoteness of it. And the hotels and meals…felt like I was royalty. Support on route was exceptional. I was the slowest rider by far and never felt pressured to speed up. Richard the Broom would check in periodically to make sure I was ok, had water and offer encouragement. Most importantly I was never given the hurry up. I was allowed to enjoy the experience and for me that was cycling solo. Thank-you!!”

Scott Hall | 1000k Coast to Coast 2023

“Excellent package, great cycling, great support, great accommodation great food and wine. The Volta Pro Tour team take care of everything from the moment you step off the plane to the moment you get back onto it. You have nothing to worry about apart from pedalling!”

Lorna Rodger | N2 Challenge

“I just finished the September N2 Challenge. I have been on many cycling trips over the last 8-10 years and have to say this was the most amazing trip I have done so far. It was so well organized and all you had to do was ride….everything else was awaiting you.

It was made extra special with the amazing group of riders we had and even more so by the Volta crew who supported, encouraged and smiled all the way through.

Adriano you put together an amazing group of people to support us including our 2 pro’s Michael and Chanel.”

Susan Croswell | N2 Challenge

“I would definitely recommend Volta Pro Tours, and I can’t wait to sign up for another tour! The team took care of every small detail from start to finish of the trip. The Grand Mountain Tour involved going to a remote and beautiful part of Portugal that I would never have known to explore. The hotel accommodation was excellent and the food very tasty. The intimate size of the group also enabled everyone to have a bespoke experience catered to their level and appetite. The other riders were great company and supportive. Thanks all for a superb week!”

Shirley Catharine | Mountain Climb

“A memorable week for all the right reasons (!) – well organised, fantastic accommodation, ideal route including well-placed stops and of course the new friendships! Highly recommended”

Richard Doyle | N2 Challenge

“Highly recommended. Adriano and Cinzia run a really unique cycling tour concept. Lovely people who really cater for all sorts of cyclists. Great experience to also ride with some Pro riders who took the time to always help the riders where needed and impart lots of cycling advise.

We did the LadiesTour in October and decided within a week to book another tour for next year with Volta Pro! Mountain tours here we come.

Thank you Adriano and Cinzia for your wonderful hospitality in our October trip. Definitely recommend Volta Pro Tours”

Angela Abbott | Women’s Grand Tour

“Great ride planning, accommodation, and support from Adriano and the team. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something a little different from French and Italian tours.”

Pete Hughes | N2 Challenge

“It’s the best cycling I’ve ever done. Quiet roads, fantastic scenery, great climbs. Organisation of the trip is superb. Top quality hotels and great food and wine. Experience of a lifetime.”

Caroline Scholes

“I have just returned from completing the September N2 Challenge and I would recommend this trip in a heartbeat.

From the first contact at Porto Airport I felt ‘looked after’ by the Volta team. Whilst absolutely professional in their approach, there is a family atmosphere to the organisation which makes you feel this is less about business and more about making sure everyone gets the most from the experience and is just about enjoying riding your bike in Portugal.

Ride leaders are encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable & great fun to ride with. The accommodation & food is first class and it’s great to make new friends along the way too.

I’m sure I will be back riding with Volta Pro Tours again before long. Thank you Adriano, Cinzia and the whole team”

Ken Flewitt | N2 Challenge

“Well organised and friendly company who know Portugal inside out. Communication before and during challenge first class. All accommodation and food of really high standard including on the road lunches.

The whole ambience of the challenge made it easy to mix and find cyclists of similar ability and outlook.

The challenge is hard but made easier by group riding which was encouraged but not mandatory. The N2 route is varied, interesting and with some stunning scenery on mainly quiet roads. Most are in good condition.

Adriano and his team are efficient but above all friendly and supportive. Just what is required to make this challenge a joy to do. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Nick Wood | N2 Challenge

“What an amazing experience cycling the N2, led by Adriano and the fabulous Volta Pro Tours team. Meticulous attention to detail meant we could get on with cycling and creating friendships and memories without worrying about any of the logistics.

It was a tough challenge for which you need to be prepared both mentally and physically – but it’s worth every second of the effort.

Portugal is an amazing and beautiful country, best seen on two wheels. This is a week of my life that will last a lifetime. Thank you! “

Jeanette Blackburn | N2 Challenge

“I have just returned from the September N2 Challenge. What a fantastic journey.

The scenery is stunning, the roads are smooth, the hotels are wonderful. Each day has had the WOW factor.

Adriano and his team really do look after you, from filling your bidons, to making sure you have eaten plenty at the feed stations, to your luggage being in your room. They do the thinking and planning on your behalf so you can focus on turning the pedals! Highly recommended Volta Pro Tours, already thinking of my next trip with them.”

Annalisa Lockett | N2 Challenge

“Just back from VPT’s N2 Challenge – awesome week!

Adriano and the team did a fantastic job. Great riding, good company, lovely hotels at the end of each stage”

Marcus Holburn | N2 Challenge

Definitely a challenge but what a fantastic week. A really great tour with beautiful scenery, great hotels and very patient support crew. It was tough at times but I also had lots of laughs with the other riders.

This should be on your cycling bucket list”

Andy Wentworth | N2 Challenge

“I have just spent the most enjoyable week with all the great people at Volta Pro Tours doing the N2 challenge. It’s a tough challenge with lots of hills and rewarding descents. The organisation was wonderful. Absolutely first class from the hotels to the en route catering and the evening meals. I met some great people and had the best cycling experience ever.

If you fancy a challenge and want to do it in style there really only is one event the “Volta N2 challenge”.”

Gary Lyons | N2 Challenge

“I just completed the May N2 Challenge with Volta Pro Tours. From pre event information, collection at the airport, daily briefings, lovely hotels and food, to our departure it was a great experience.

The back to back days cycling are a challenge, but there is great support from the Volta Team to get you through it. Thanks to the Team and all the riders”

John Best | N2 Challenge

“This was the first time I was partaking in a cycling tour, and I must say; I would do it again.. I found the choice of the hotel was great, everything was well organised and entertained.

The organizer Adriano and his helpers were friendly and kept smiling all week long!

I would give my upmost recommendation to someone who would think to do a cycling tour with the Volta Pro tours team.”

David Delonglee | N2 Challenge

“My first cycling holiday and it was an amazing experience. We were expertly looked after by Adriano and Cinzia, their passion for Portugal and cycling (and food and wine!!) makes this a very special tour.

The cycling was the exact amount of challenging that I had hoped for and I learnt so much from our professional Monica Dew who was lovely and inspirational.

Also, I laughed A LOT. So many good memories from this holiday, highly recommend!”

Lisa Bywell | N2 Challenge

“Great to experience cycling in Portugal. Well organised, lovely hotel and having a professional cyclist on the trip was very special.

Monica Dew from Storey Racing led the group well, lots of tips, tricks and advice on how to cycle better. Great few days away with a lovely group of people.Am so pleased I booked myself on to go not knowing anyone, was met at the airport and was looked after the whole time – a great trip.”

Michelle Melor | N2 Challenge

“Five epic daily adventures all rolled into one magical week long tour.

It’s funny, because sometimes you go into things not really knowing what to expect, and that was true of this. But what came out was absolutely inspirational, it was amazing on so, so many levels. Quite roads, glorious climbs, breathtaking scenery, and fabulous company.

You leave one family at home, and meet another family you equally feel at home with on and off the bike for sure. And what an awesome group of cyclists, I’ve genuinely met life long friends, and it’s not often you can say that.

Without doubt you’ll work hard out on the road, but in all honesty, the one person that went over and and above the call of duty each and every single day was Adriano. His attention to detail and communication skills were exemplary, unbelievable.

Adriano and the complete back up team, the lovely Gabriella, Linda, Roger, Cinzia, Eduardo, Gentil and the ‘mighty’ Paulo M Almeida were incredible and caring, you could just see their desire to make sure you were looked after from the very start to the very end.

I’ve come out of this a better cyclist and a better person, for it’s pretty emotional, but ever so rewarding. That feeling of achievement will stay with you for a long, long time, something you most probably will never forget.

“Go do it” “

Daniel Wright | N2 Challenge

“Not just the best cycling experience of my life but one of the best experiences all round. Portugal is a beautiful cycle friendly country. It has it all from the tough mountain climbs with sweeping descents, to the undulating Alentejo region. An amazing trip with awesome people. What wasn’t to love. Chapeau Volta..!!!”

Tom Bass | N2 Challenge

“Cycling the length of Portugal on the N2 with Volta Pro Tours is something I will never forget. The support Team were brilliant, the experience was amazing and the Group banter got me through this challenge – thanks guys”

Wendy Gillam | N2 Challenge

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, a few of us knew each other and soon we all knew one another. Relaxed and friendly, yet with that frisson that comes from embarking on something a little outside the norm. Correct that, a lot outside the norm. How often can you experience a whole country from the plains to the mountains, small villages to grand towns and all with weather that was excellent. Even the rain was a nice and another challenge! The pro’s were simply that and generous with their support and advice. I felt cared for, especially as I was a little unwell. The kindness of the team and my fellow cyclists was simply humbling. Thanks one and all. Give it a go. It’s real and that’s great in this day and age!”

Rob Evans | N2 Challenge

“This is the best multi-day event I’ve been on. Adriano and everyone at Volta Pro Tours are passionate about cycling and also passionate about putting together a great few days. The N2 Challenge is certainly tough but with the support team taking care of everything off the bike, all you have to do is enjoy the ride and take in the scenery. Good hotels, clean kit every day and great roads. Perfect.”

Vince Bowshall | N2 Challenge

“Well well well… words cannot describe.. first ever organised tour for me.. first supported tour… and blew my mind… I DID NOT! want to leave … if I didn’t have to go back to work… I would’ve done it in reverse.

Fantastic group… fantastic tour.. fantastically well organised, fantastic hotels, fantastic leaders, fantastic roads”

James Mcmillan | N2 Challenge

“Fabulous cycling adventure of a lifetime! Fully supported 5 day “stage race” down the entire length of Portugal. Mind blowing scenery, leg burning climbs, seriously rapid hairpin descents with each day ending at a sumptuous luxury hotel serving beautifully cooked Portuguese cuisine. Lived like a UCI continental pro for a week, finding hard to come down off cloud nine.

Volta ProTours did an absolutely stunning job, going above and beyond all expectations….”

Kelvin Morrison | N2 Challenge

“Great company. Well organised, great accommodation with a stunning route, which all creates an amazing experience.”

Martin Miesi | N2 Challenge

“Forget Mallorca. Portugal is where you want to be cycling, and Volta Pro Tours can take you on what can only be described as a life changing trip! There knowledge, expertise and raw passion is infectious and you’ll honestly have the time if your life. Simply can’t recommend this fantastic operation more highly.”

Daniel Pullen | N2 Challenge

“If you’ve ever thought about cycling in Portugal you must do the N2 Challenge. It was perfect on every level, the organization, the scenery, the camaraderie. The roads were fantastically quiet. Portuguese drivers & locals were wonderfully considerate & friendly. Thoroughly recommended.”

Jim Jeffery | N2 Challenge

“I’m just back from the Grand Mountain Tour in Portugal. I’m really pleased to say that I conquered some epic climbs! I was worried that I would struggle on some of the routes, but with the coaching and encouragement I received from the whole Volta team I made it to the top every time. I’d had a minor collision with a car on a roundabout prior to the start of this tour. Adriano and James were flexible in their planning of each route so that I came away thinking that I had exceeded my own expectations. I’m much stronger on my commutes since this tour. The hotel, food and location were all ideal. I can honestly say that enjoyed every minute of this tour. I was well looked after by all the people in team Volta. If I can go again next year I’ll be straight there. Give it a go! You won’t regret it”

Amanda Downes | Mountain Climb