Stage 1

N2 Stages

A big day on the bike with two major 30km climbs.

How you manage today will determine how well you enjoy the rest of this event.

Ride the first small climb steady and give yourself plenty of space to the rider in front.

Eat and drink regularly – set your bike computer to sound a reminder every 15 mins if necessary.

We try to ride the first 60km as a group – get to know each others riding style and generally take things steady.

After FS1 the group tends to split into smaller ones – remember, ride in a group at a pace you can comfortably manage.

This stage is interspersed with many short climbs – you’ll need to manage your efforts well on these.

Each ascent is followed by twisting, fast and sometimes steep descents. Don’t take unnecessary risks, this is only day one of your holiday.