There’s a lot you can learn about tour organisation when you are talking to one of the biggest names in international cycling. Especially when he’s also a stage winner in both the Tour de France and La Vuelta. I met up with Sean at the Volta Algarve in his final year as Sports Director at Team Tinkoff .

We talked about our forthcoming Cycle Events in Portugal whilst watching Alberto Contador blast around the TT course.

At Volta Pro Tours we spend an immense amount of time pouring over topograhical maps, driving and cycling routes in order to design stages that deliver every expectation to our riders. It’s something of an art form and Sean has decades of experience.

The results of all this attention to detail are Tour Stages that can accommodate cyclists of varying levels. We worked on eliminating ugly junctions, main roads and placing feed stations at relevant distances not only to refuel our riders but to enjoy the view from the shade of an olive tree.

Meticulous planning like this ensures our rides go smoothly with each and every customer returning to the hotel at the end of each stage elated with their achievements but not overwhelmed by exhaustion.


Adriano Placidi

Team Director at Volta Pro Tours