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Our team of experienced and qualified sports massage therapists are ready to provide you with treatments that will not only help relieve the accrued stresses and aches of a long day on the bike but also prepare your body for the next day’s challenge.

All techniques used by the therapists are regularly employed by pro teams and aim to help your recover and complete this Challenge.

Treatment Types

Deep Recovery

The deep recovery treatment involves the application of a range of massage techniques to assist recovery from the day’s strains and delay the onset of muscle fatigue and soreness (DOMS).

This post event massage increases the body’s rate of recovery by reducing inflammation in the muscles and increasing vascular and lymphatic activity.

During the 30 minute appointment the therapist employs a variety of methods to aid your body’s natural process of removing waste products and is especially effective after a long day in the saddle.

Flush Through

Receiving a flush through treatment immediately after the ride will significantly reduce soreness, fatigue and tightness.

During each day of cycling, lactic acid is produced in the muscles and contributes towards delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), fatigue and stiffness.

This 15 minute appointment will help your legs recover, ready for the next day’s challenge.

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape supports muscles and muscle groups, joints, and even the nervous system. Enhancing movement, kinesiology tape can help train weak muscles or even re-train muscles that are in habits of bad posture or movement.

Taping can be used to help improve the posture in the head, neck and shoulder and contributes to a faster recovery by facilitating increased circulation and decreased inflammation.

Increased circulation facilitates the rapid movement of nutrients and oxygen around your body and the faster removal of lactic acid.

When kinesiology tape is applied to an area it lifts your skin slightly, creating a micro space in the joint or below skin. It has been found that the tape may change the way your body processes information about pain through your sensory nervous system; decreasing its intensity and effects on the mind and body.


Treatments are available as pay as you go appointments on the day, if a therapist is available, and are priced at £20 per 15 minute slot.

However, due to the popularity of these treatments on previous events, this year we are offering a booking service to ensure riders are not disappointed on the day.

We recommend you take advantage of the booking service which also offers treatments at reduced prices compared to the pay as you go rates.

To book please select your event and the treatment package.

Treatment Packages:

1000k Coast to Coast and N2 Tour

Deep Recovery appointment – provided on stages 1 to 6 – price £185
Flush Through appointment – provided on stages 1 to 6 – price £95

N2 Challenge

Deep Recovery appointment – provided on stages 1 to 4 – price £125
Flush Through appointment – provided on stages 1 to 4 – price £65

Taping Clinic:

The Taping Clinic is only available in the morning and as a walk-in service. Taping takes about 15 minutes and costs £20 (subject to availability).
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