Smooth tarmac under the wheels, the warm sun on your back, the camaraderie of fellow cyclists and the whirring hum of bicycles as we cut through the stillness of the mesmerising Portuguese scenery.

I discovered the freedom of cycling in Portugal whilst I was living and working there a few years ago.

Eager to be part of the local cycling scene, I hooked up with TGV, a local cycling club populated by riders of all ages and abilities, from beginners to seasoned former pros, who always welcome an enthusiastic new member.

Three times a week we would meet up for social rides, training rides, mountain climbs and always a coffee, or even lunch, in good company. In this environment of cycling passion, diversity and shared wisdom, Volta Pro Tours was created.

With the support of my TGV riding partners, Gentil, Carlos and Kelvin, I created an organisation that shares with others this infectious passion.

Encouraged by our friend Paulo, who captured everybody’s respect when he rode the entire length of the country, non-stop, on the iconice N2, I was inspired to create our first event – the N2 Challenge!

The N2 Challenge has been a great success and more tours have followed. Through the Mountains of Serra da Estrela and to the Women’s Grand Tour in the rolling terrain of Alentejo. The Tours encompass Portugal’s stunning landscapes, beautiful hotels and generous gastronomy!

We’re now working with celebrated professional riders including World & Paralympic Champion, Dame Sarah Storey.

Each Tour offers riders the opportunity to cycle alongside and learn from professional cyclists, benefit from the invaluable local knowledge of our native ride leaders and the assistance of our support crew.

I continue to promote this Pro Cyclist lifestyle each year with new, innovative experiences to share with other dedicated riders.

I would be thrilled if you came to share these experiences with us.

Adriano Placidi

Founder of Volta Pro Tours

Alcobaca, Portugal

Alcobaca, Portugal

The sudden appearance of the Cistercian Monastary never ceases to impress as you ride into the square from the south. Alcobaca is full of surprises including some of the best award winning regional pastries.                ...

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