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Welcome to the N2 Training Programme

Preparation is everything when it comes to a big event and I have created this programme specifically to increase a rider’s capability to string consecutive days together.

Many of the sessions included in this programme are ones that I ride myself when preparing for my own big challenges, so rest assured, they are tried and tested.

The Programme has been written in three parts:

Road Rides – Short Intense, Mid-Range and Challenge Rides

Turbo Sessions – Cadence, Strength, General Conditioning, Steps and Pyramids.

Zwift Sessions – Sprint & Strength, Intervals, Challenges, Recovery

And Contains :

  • 80 individually written sessions for road and turbo rides
  • Over 100 individually written ride options for Zwift
  • Spread out over a 10-week period
  • Designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders
  • ¬†

Sign up to our specially created Training Programme and you will feel your cycling improve week by week Рenabling you to arrive in Portugal excited to ride the entire length of the country!

Barney and I wish you every success with your event and this amazing journey through an entire country.


If you would like to know more about the Programme please follow this link:

N2 Training Programme