James shares with Volta Pro Tours his experiences from an unforgettable and successful tour…….

As the dust starts to settle after another unforgettable Tour De Yorkshire, and my legs start to come back to life after a savage final stage. I can start to look back at what an incredible weekend it was for me personally and for The Bike Channel Canyon Team as a whole.

To put the weekend into perspective The Bike Channel Canyon team has been together for a grand total of 4 months we are a fairly young team with a 23-year-old average age. This is the first stage race for the team and for a few of us this was their biggest event they have competed in. To then come away with a Podium place on the 1st stage with Chris Opie, two Dimension Data jerseys for the most active rider (Dexter and Harry) and attacking the race on all three days with riders in the break and not forgetting a fantastic ride from our young climber Max Stedman with 23rd on a brutal last stage.

For me personally the plan was to get in the break on the first day and to have a go at picking up one of the jerseys on the day. When the break was established it was then looking at picking up a jersey. To be honest I wasn’t sure which one to go for so in true (Hank) style I went for both the Sprints Jersey and the climbers. I attacked hard on the first climb and just got court on the line and I think from the social media comments from David Miller I went a little early so next time I will be keeping that in mind. I just missed out on the jersey but it was a good day out and was phenomenal to head such a big race and in such an incredible crowd. To then get in after the days racing to see Chris Opie picking up a podium spot was an amazing way to end the first days racing.

The second and third stage followed and each day the Team raced with heart and determination attacking hard in the early stages to make sure we were represented at the front of the race then focusing on getting either Chris or Max into a race winning position.

I can’t fault the Team and the staff as everyone played a massive part in the successful Tour De Yorkshire campaign.

Now onto the Tour Series for some and The R.A.S for the others. Keep an eye on the teams Twitter and Facebook to follow the team’s success.