OUR 1000km Coast to Coast continues as we depart from Caceres and head north towards the mountains.


177kms, 26kph, 2361m

After indulging in pastries and coffee to help fuel our 1000k Coast to Coast adventure, followed by more cakes in Plaza Mayor, Plascencia, we picked up the pace. To be honest, we drafted behind the support van until we neared the mountains on the border of Extremadura and Castile e Leon.


The ascent took us through the snow-capped mountains of Sierra de Francia, an area that beckoned further exploration by bike. It was while navigating the various switchbacks and technical sections on this mountain that the inspiration for another tour was born – the Pro Climb Portugal Tour. As I mentioned earlier, inspiration often strikes at the most unexpected moments.

Exhausted but content, we reached our hotel in a remote village on the edge of Lake Santa Teresa. The sports physio worked their magic, easing away the pain from our strained muscles before we settled down to a relaxing meal overlooking the lake.


170kms, 28 km/h, 1043 meters


The physio must have worked wonders. We awoke to a gloomy day, but with over 500kms of the tour behind us, we felt good.

We cycled out of the village, passing through fields teeming with strutting white egrets, darting at the insects stirred by grazing cattle. With a gentle breeze at our backs, the sun began to shine, and as our legs warmed up, our pace quickened. We raced into Salamanca at 37 km/h and entered the most magnificent of all Plaza Mayors for breakfast.

Salamanca has to be one of my favourite cities in Europe, but I won’t dwell—we have 140 kilometers to cover.

After enjoying an extra coffee and snapping a few photos, we were back on the road. This was a day for head-down, pedal-hard riding. The road stretched straight, the tarmac smooth, and by the time we reached Tordesillas 90 kilometres later, our cabinet was brimming with Strava Trophies.


165kms, 25.6 km/h, 1300 meters

The weather had taken a turn, and after a puncture early on, I decided to log my recovery miles riding in the support van. The rest of the team must have been tougher than me, or perhaps it was because they had drafted behind my wheel for most of the previous day?

While the others surged ahead, I went food shopping with Carlos. The team deserved a hearty meal tonight, and I took on the role of chef. Two boxes of food later, and with a complimentary bottle of Moscato from the shopkeeper, we caught up with the rest of the group as we ventured into Cantabria for our final stop.

Tonight marked a celebratory meal. The tour was nearly complete, and tomorrow promised a downhill stage.


165kms, 27 km/h, 1161 meters

On the final day of our 1000k Coast to Coast adventure, the sun came out to play. Well-fed and rejuvenated, we traversed the snow-covered Cantabrian mountains, embracing thrilling descents at 80 km/h, hairpin bends, and sweeping mountain passes. It was an exhilarating ride to conclude a truly unforgettable tour.

We arrived in Santander, exhausted but with memories to last a lifetime.

Adriano Placidi

Team Director and Founder Volta Pro Tours

“My gratitude to Gentil and Carlos for their invaluable assistance in organizing this tour and for discreetly stocking the support van with an endless supply of superb wine.”