10 Best Climbs in Portugal

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….you didn’t know about !!


1.  Castelo de Marvao –  Elev Diff 311 m. Length 5.2 km. Avg Grade 6%

Gaze at the panoramic views extending into Extremadura, Spain whilst having a coffee at the bar outside the castle.


Dr Hutch with Volta Pro Tours


2.  Castelo de Monsaraz – Elev Diff 115m. Length 2.0 km. Avg Grade 5%

Views across the lake and popular place to watch the spectacular sun set over the Alentejo.


Adriano “Enjoying the view” ?


3.  Montejunto – Elev Diff 548m. Length 11 km. Avg Grade 5%, final 2 kms 15-20%

Regularly climbed by cycling legend the late ‘Tinho’ – Joaquim Agostinho. At the summit you’ll find the ghostly ruins of the 12th Century Convent and far reaching views to the Atlantic Ocean. 1,780 feet/7 miles


Antonio – a brief stop to admire the view


4.  Santa Eufemia, SintraElev Diff 107 m. Length 0.6 km. Avg Grade 18% with parts at 27%

For a particularly challenging climb take on this partly tarmac, part Calcada cobbles of Rua da Santa Eufemia. Leads to the pretty little chapel of the same name.



5.  Arnaso to Calcedonia – Elev Diff 347 m. Length 6 km. Avg Grade 6%

Reason to go? Just go….. it’s stunning!



6.  Torre – Covilha – Elev Diff 1,217m. Length 18.9 km. Avg Grade 6%

A gruelling road winding it’s way to the summit at Torres. This climb hits the 10 best climbs in Portugal for its 4,000 feet/12 miles and being a famous stage from the Tour of Portugal.


Adriano and Daniela Reis


7.  Serra d’Arrabida – Elev Diff 129 m. Length 1.3 km. Avg Grade 10%

Part of a longer climb that rewards the rider with views over the Atlantic Ocean. Also a very good Pasteleria to stop at the bottom of the descent.

Arrábida 2


8.  Santo Antonio – Elev Diff 704 m. Length 6.9 km. Avg Grade 10%

A peaceful and picturesque climb at the most northerly tip of Portugal. Not for the feint hearted though with plenty of sections over 20%!


9.  Torre – Seia – Elev Diff 1,443 m. Length 28.4 km. Avg Grade 5%.

The famously tough 18 mile ascent of 4,690 feet that regularly features in Stage 8 of the Tour of Portugal


Carlos on the 2 hour climb

10. Subida à Glória –  Elev Diff 39m. Length 265m. Avg Grade 17%

This famous leg shredder of a steep climb in Lisbon has been an annual race event since 1910.


Daniela Reis feeling the burn


Remember, ride the descents carefully and on the higher altitude climbs, always carry a base layer or a gilet to wear on the descent.

Adriano Placidi

Team Director at Volta Pro Tours