125km | 1,500m+

Start 10:00

Cut Off 16:00


Relax by the pool in the morning and breathe in the spectacular views from our mountain top hotel. With a shorter 125 km stage to tackle today, we’ll have a slightly later start time. At this point the N2 begins its descent through the forested slopes of the Ribatejo hills and into the unique landscape of the Alentejo.

Although this stage is predominantly one of descents, we still have a small climb to challenge you with. Col’ de Geodesico marks the very centre point of Portugal and an indication that you have completed half of the N2 Challenge.

From Col’ de Geodesico the N2 travels across the River Tejo at Abrantes and into the valley of the Tejo. There is a significant change to the landscape as the N2 levels out with straight fast sections speeding you to the Stage Finish at Montargil.


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