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After a memorable day cycling enjoy a memorable meal.

Over a glass you can share the memories of our pros. Ask for advice, give advice; everyone is a part of the team.

Portugal has some of the best seafood in the world. Fresh produce all year round cooked with simplicity.

As you enjoy the peace of twilight, your body resting, share some of the finest wines. When you’ve pushed yourself in the day you deserve the rewards of the evening.

If you want the food regime of a professional cyclist we can arrange that. Alternatively you can listen to our former pros tell you all about it while you enjoy a sumptuous meal in a fine restaurant. Your choice.

All day you will be burning calories. Calories out so calories in. So why not do it properly.

You want to be fresh when you wake to get the most out of the morning ride. But if you want to enjoy some of the finest meals in Portugal, then, again, your choice.