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Daniela Reis

Daniela Reis has been winning National Titles since she first started competing as a Junior.

She is Portugal’s Elite National Road Race, Time Trial and Mountain Bike Champion. In her first year as a professional she won the French Cup and is now riding at UCI level with the Belgian Team Lares Waow-Deals.

Daniela is the very essence of Portugal’s unique cycling culture. A discerning culture of camaraderie, shared experience and spirit of adventure. Her humility and dedication have earnt her recognition as an ambassador for Portuguese cycling.

No opportunity is lost on Daniela to lead the group down a quiet road, through enchanting villages and up a climb to enjoy views of the stunning Portuguese landscape.

Daniela is an intrinsic part of Volta Pro Tours. Always there with a helping hand, invaluable advice or just an encouraging word on a difficult climb.

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